Eido Development Partners Limited

A responsible approach to property development

We have established EDPL with the aim of bringing a responsible and innovative approach to property development and are inviting potential investors and partners to share in our ambition to create a successful company, which generates social capital as well as quality buildings.

The business strategy- sticking to what we do best

Notwithstanding the current financial climate, many local authority, health, academic and third sector players are showing incredible ingenuity in adjusting their estates to the new economic realities.  Douglas Mill was developed by Eido Ltd as part of a previous share offer which saw a return to investors of 250% over four years.  The Mill is now home to the Bradford and Airedale NHS Primary Care Trust (PCT) employing 500 people in 60,000 sqft of regenerated Victorian mill space.  Eido has built a solid reputation in this niche and is continually looking to develop our position on other “bricks and mortar” projects in those key sectors.

Current investment opportunities

Although we can’t guarantee to repeat the level of return on the Douglas Mill development, we continually look to bring forward other investment opportunities with potential for capital growth. We are currently looking to expand the Stable Block on our Bradford site in order to deliver a “public sector cluster”, making it the hub of a number of health and public service related activities.   Eido has identified a number of opportunities in the education and health sectors for which investment capital will be needed to secure our position and advance their development potential.

The Risks

Any investment carries some degree of risk, and the same principle applies to investment in EDPL.  Although the directors will seek to minimise the impact of risk factors on the business, investors should recognise that the return on their investment cannot be guaranteed.

More information

For further information about current opportunities, please contact Michael Rollins, Eido Development Partners Limited, The Studio, 32 The Calls, Leeds LS2 7EW.


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